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Yes, this is what happened after school. I almost wanted to stop recording, but it was like someone picking at their butt… it grosses you out, but you can’t stop looking. Most of it is basically them making faces at each other and following people around. I even saw someone I knew walking outside the gates and got a little recording. I’m weird.

Oh and in the end, @geraldweeb gave me a wet willy. That’s why I started running and ended the video.

Oh my god, freshman year. (‘:

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I’m not one to hold grudges, but if you give me a bad haircut… I will remember you for a long long long time.


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Should this be the last thing I see? I want you to know it’s enough for me. ’Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need. I’m so in love, so in love. So in love, so in love. Lumière, darling. Lumière over me.

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Since my bangs we’re cut super short, I think it’s time to bring this hair style back! Embrace the five head! ✌️

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The people next to us left so much good behind omg.

What a waste :(

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Anonymous: It makes me so happy to see you so empowered and making decisions for yourself! Don't let those others get to you!

Awww I’m glad that someone is happy because of that :) I’m doing my best!! Thank you for these words — they mean a lot!

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I get lost in art. Two hours have passed and I didn’t even realize it. 😋 #wip

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It’s so hard for me to gain support when it comes to me wanting to lose weight.

I get it — I’m not big, but is it so wrong for me to want to lose some fat? I know I’m skinny, and people tell me that I should be happy with I have. Well, I have some fat on my stomach and I want to get rid of it. Is that so bad? 

"You’re only doing it because your sister’s doing it."

"You’re only doing it because of society norms."

"You’re only doing it because of —"


I’m doing it because I, myself, want to be healthier. Hell, I want to be more fit both inside AND out. I don’t understand why everyone frowns upon me deciding to go from eating like there’s no tomorrow to eating like my body has limitations. It’s not even like I’m being unhealthy… Oh no! I decided to go for run three times a week to help burn some fat. Slap me on the wrist.

I do what I want with my body. I’m not forcing lifestyle on other people, nor am I shaming any other body types. I simply just want to lose some fat. 

Leave me be.

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I’ve been watching the American Horror Story series a lot lately, and I actually quite like it! I’m half way through Coven, but I’m still not sure which one out of the three I like most!

Asylum was definitely the creepiest out of the three in my opinion though!

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I meant to post this on my reblog blog… but why not? Now you all know I love pugs.

This made me cry a little bit :(

<3 I love you

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I visited this boy today in his summer camp at UCSD! It was really nice to just walk around and hang out with him after two weeks of him being there. I also met his friends there, and I really hope they liked me; they were all pretty fun to be around~

Andrew said something to me while we sat on the grass with his friends that, although was pretty light-hearted given the context it was said in (we were talking about how he wasn’t grossed out by me when I made one of the ugliest noises because I chocked on boba during our first month or two of dating), I still thought about that for a while.  

I’m still so grateful that Andrew stayed with me for the first five months of us dating and didn’t give up. I can’t imagine the thoughts or the anxiety running through his mind when I wouldn’t make it official right away especially because he wasn’t really familiar with the idea of “courting.” We started dating in January, and it took me up until May to finally ask him to be my boyfriend. I’m still sorry that I made him wait for so long… but I think it’s a little justified (?) because I wanted my boyfriend/the first person I said “I love you” to  in a romantic way to be the one I’d stay with for a long long time and I’d see a great future with. It’s not even that it took me that long to get comfortable around him or to start to love him… actually to be honest, I was really comfortable around him when I first started talking to him in London! We were talking a lot and even sharing some secrets that I know I haven’t told more than one or two people. If anything, somewhere in those months of us dating, I got so comfortable with him that loving him was so natural to me. It came down to me waiting for the perfect time to ask him. I did it on May 15 while we were dancing together under the stars. It was really romantic!

It’s been such a wonderful journey with you and I’m excited to see where this adventure takes us next! Love you neuropeen!!

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Orientation was nearly perfect for me. 

I can’t remember the last time I was able to connect with people I’ve never met before on such a level. We all clicked instantly, but to be honest, I didn’t realize how close we all were until the very end of SPOP. 

I heard people say things about me that I don’t think I’ve ever been told before. 

"Oh yeah, I was just telling her about how easy you are to talk to and to get along with even after just a few minutes!"

"Jerimi, you’re such a sweetheart!"

"You’re really outgoing."

"You’re such a happy person." - This one got to me.

Those are just a few things people said about and wrote to me. Also, on our last activity (I won’t give anything away just in case there are people on tumblr who are attending future SPOPs), I found out that people, even some outside of the 6 or 7 friends I made, looked up to me and thought so highly of me. I feel that those people were genuine because it was all done with some anonymity. During that activity, I started to cry because I was just so happy that people saw things in me that I didn’t even know were there. 

Maybe it’s just me being super gushy and everything, but something felt different. Maybe it’s how I carried and presented myself that showed others my true colors? I honestly don’t know what exactly what happened, but things just went so smoothly these past two days. I was able to talk to teenagers I have never met before without much hesitation. 

I’m looking foreword to college. If things go even half as well as they did during SPOP, I have no fear of entering UCI.


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Anonymous: Way to go! You keep on being a refreshing, sparkling waterfall, you!

Thank you, you kind soul! I will! Your support won’t go to waste! C:

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